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Maintenance And Maintenance Of Polyurea Spraying Machine

- Jun 22, 2017 -

Before installation, Polyurea spraying machine, not allowed to open the packaging bag or packaging film, according to the label in the packaging storage filter direction, in the handling process, to be light, careful, to avoid strong vibration and shock. Transportation, installation and use in accordance with the requirements of the guarantee effect. In the use of a variety of time filters, because the filter surface stained with dust, so that the efficiency and viscosity of the filter reduced, affecting the cleanliness of the air, this need to replace the filter needs to be timely. High-humidity and high temperature-efficient filters are required to have high temperature, high humidity and clapboard filters, and shell materials to meet production requirements. Biological clean room and pharmaceutical clean room, the filter must use metal shell, its surface should not rust, do not use wood frame filter plate, to prevent the production of bacteria, affect the product pass rate. In order to fully play the role of Polyurea spraying machine, in the selection and use, filter surface speed, coarse, medium efficiency filter should not exceed 2.5 m/s, the High efficiency filter and HEPA filter should not exceed 1.5 m/s, so as not only help ensure filtration efficiency, the filter can prolong the service life of the equipment, and generally do not change the filter element; Because the need to replace the filter does not prevent the change, only allow the non-stop blower to replace the coarse eye, the results of the medium effect filter; Efficient air filter must be replaced before stopping; the seal between the filter frame and the connecting pad must be tight and without leakage to ensure the filtration effect.

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