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Modified Epoxy Hardener

- Jun 22, 2017 -

Epoxy resin is a kind of thermosetting polymer material with excellent adhesion, electrical insulation and chemical stability, which is widely used in the fields of construction, machinery, electronic and electric, aerospace, etc. as the resin matrix of adhesives, coatings and composite materials. It is necessary to take part in the curing agent when epoxy resin is used, and to produce the products with solid reticular structure under certain conditions, it will show all kinds of excellent functions and become the epoxy data with real value. Therefore, the curing agent in the use of epoxy resin has no shortage, and even in a certain extent, plays a decisive effect. The epoxy resin-embedded curing agent is the hot topic of epoxy resin curing agent at home and abroad. The so-called ambush curing agent, refers to participates in the epoxy resin the constituent system to have the certain storage stability at room temperature, but in heats up, the illumination, the moisture, under pressure and other conditions can be agile curing reaction of curing agent, and now all over the selection of two-component epoxy resin system, the combination of an ambush curing agent and epoxy resin made from a single component of the epoxy resin system has a simplified production operation technology, to prevent environmental pollution, improve product quality, accustomed to modern large-scale

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