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New Chain Extender MDBA

- Dec 21, 2018 -

As the development of our company technology,now our research and delelopment department has promoted 4,4'-bis-sec-butylaminodiphenylmethane(Unilink4200),also called MDBA,it can be used for hard foam, soft foam, paint, adhesive, sealant, elastomer, typical use amount of 1-5% of polyol,4,4'-bis-sec-butylaminodiphenylmethane Also can be applied to spray polyurea and a variety of compounds for metal and concrete repair.


1.Soft foam and Polyurethane hard foam.

The use of 3-5 php 4,4'-bis-sec-butylaminodiphenylmethane, Unilink 4200-MDBA in water or water-free rigid foam system can significantly improve the compressive strength and dimensional stability of the foam, while reducing the brittleness. Increase the closed cell ratio and reduce the thermal conductivity.


MDBA allows the base layer to be better wetted and the cured polymer adheres better to the coated surface.

3.Hard elastomer.

MDBAcan be applied to the ripening of the MDI semi-prepolymer to produce a series of high hardness elastomers.

4.Soft elastomer.

The use of 4,4'-bis-sec-butylaminodiphenylmethane-MDBA as a curing agent can extend the life of the kettle to produce a soft elastomer for use as an industrial sealing material.


Reducing the gel reaction rate makes it possible to produce such high hardness polymers by spray casting techniques. The extended gel speed improves adhesion to the substrate, fluidity, bonding between coatings, and surface quality. The use of 4,4'-bis-sec-butylaminodiphenylmethane-MDBA as a curing agent can significantly improve the impact resistance and low temperature properties of the polymer.

If you are interested in this new chain extender TODI,just contact us.Thanks.

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