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Solve Problems For Polyurea Coating Customer

- Dec 03, 2018 -

Solve Problems For Polyurea Coating Customer

The last Monday,one of my client from Vietnam,who replyed that there are problems about our product--Polyurea coating.

Not convinced, it is easy to be peeled off.Just like the following pictures:



Our experienced chemists gave him three solutions:

1. As for the temperature,the temperature should more than 60℃ no matter component A,component B and the hose.

2. As for the pressure,if the pressure less than 15 Mpa,the component B would partial material.The ratio must be component A:Component B=1:1.

3. Your workers can tear the finished polyurea coating easily cause the time is so short for the polyurea.

As for the tearing strength,it need time to test.

(1) When the temperature is 25℃,it need 7 days to reach maximum;

(2) If we use 70℃ temperature to dry it,it take 10 hours to reach maximum;

(3) In room temperature,it need at least 3 days to reach maximum.

Actually,we met this kind of situation before in China.So our chemists have experience.

And we would like to provide our customers kinds of service.


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