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Success In Developing Flame-retardant Polyurea Material

- Jul 14, 2018 -

To prepare the flame-retardant spray polyurea coating with similar performance with the spray polyurea coating in mechanical property,thermal stability and surface appearance.The spray polyurea coating was perpared mainly from isocyanates(A component),polyether polyols and amine chain expanding agent(B component) by high pressure airless spraying.We added the solvent flame retardants in A component,and the inorganic filler type flame retardant in B component.The method to prepare the flame-retardant spray polyurea coating was the same as that of the spray polyurea coating.This is the specification of our flame-retardant spray polyurea coating.



Solid Content


Gelation Time(s)


Surface Dry Time(25 ºC)

<1 min

Walk-on Time(25 ºC)

20 mins

Volume Mixing Ratio

A:R = 1:1

Shelf Life

6 Months

Tensile Strength



≥300 %

Tearing Strength

 ≥45 KN/m

Hardness(Shore A)


Adhesion(Pull off,Mpa)


Abrasion Resistance(GB/T 1689-1998, cm3/1.61km, mg)

 Impact Strength(

Limit Oxygen Index


This material can be widely applied to the flame-retardant layer of reefer containers,ships,lifeboats, vehicles and rail transportation.Also it can be used as boat interiors.Just inquiry us if you are interested in this product.

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