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Suggestions To Be Taken In Selecting Polyurea

- Jun 22, 2017 -

1, Polyurea suitable for the replacement of your previous effect is not ideal coating/lining materials, as well as frequent maintenance, repeat the construction of the project or the construction of an unconditional overhaul or redo the project. 2, Polyurea suitable for most of the coating/lining difficult to solve the problem, such as at the same time taking into account corrosion resistance, wear resistance, anti-cracking or non-slip requirements of the occasion and both high-quality protection coating, but only on-site construction or to ensure the quality of the site repair works. 3, Polyurea function is a strong type of material, can be maintenance-free. As you want to significantly extend the service life, Polyurea spraying elastomer cost-effective relative higher. such as high-grade building waterproof layer, anti-corrosion wear-resistant flooring. 4, for some needs to be anti-corrosion and need to play a strengthening role in the project, Polyurea is the most suitable material, such as cracking prone pipe support, beam and column, Wharf, Equipment Foundation and other concrete construction occasions. 5, Polyurea materials widely used in the field, but for super acid, alkali corrosion or strong solvent environment, not suitable for the use of Polyurea, the general weak acid base of the inorganic environment Polyurea can be applied, according to the use of the environment to select Polyurea.

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