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Technical Guidance To Malaysia Customers

- Aug 19, 2017 -

On August 17, we completed the technical guidance for Malaysian customer for six days, and thanks for hospitality!

As we all know, polyurea elastic waterproof material is much more popular in recently years, and Compared with traditional waterproof coating, polyurea has many advantages:

  • 100% solid, non-volatile organic matter, meeting environmental requirements

  • Without catalyst, it can be sprayed on the surface, inclined plane and vertical surface with a rapid solidification speed, and that makes no  phenomenon of flow hanging. And there would be strong retention with concave and convex

  • It is not sensitive to moisture, and the construction is not affected by ambient humidity and temperature

  • It can be sprayed or poured, and the thickness of one construction can range from hundreds of micrometers to several centimeters, overcoming the many inconveniences of previous construction and shortening the construction cycle

  • Excellent physical properties, such as tensile strength, tear strength, elongation, abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, puncture, anti-wet, etc.The high elongation has a strong crack healing ability and excellent protection against concrete cracking

  • Excellent anticorrosion performance, can withstand most corrosive media, acid, alkali, salt, seawater, chloride ion and other long-term immersion

  • The whole is seamless, and the organization is dense and tough can be used to face water waterproof

  • The adhesion between all kinds of bottom material and coating is high and lasting, it won't be shed because of the cold and heat alternation

"Polyurea is a great choice for waterproof!" said by our customer Kevin from Malaysia.

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