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The Advantages of M-CDEA

- Nov 14, 2018 -

M-CDEA is one of the latest representative products of the third-generation polyurethane chain extender. Its products have low toxicity, good mechanical and mechanical properties, excellent heat resistance and easy to use, and can give PU good mechanical properties.

At present, the main function of M-CDEA is to replace the current mainstream chain extender MOCA. MOCA is highly toxic. Since 1973, when some people in the United States have caused carcinogenicity to this product, the relevant departments have carried out decades of toxicological research. Now, MOCA is classified as a type of carcinogen by the International Cancer Research Center. Therefore, the developed countries such as the European Union, the United States, and Japan have begun to restrict the use of MOCA, and gradually cancel the use of MOCA to find alternatives.

M-CDEA products are low-toxic and non-contaminating diamine chain extender products, and their products can be in contact with foods and medicines. The results of trials of products by domestic and foreign users show that their performance reaches the level of MOCA, even in some aspects. It has also surpassed MOCA, especially in terms of improving the heat resistance of the elastomer, the hydrolysis resistance, and the life and environmental protection of the prototype.

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