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The Advantages Of Spray Polyurea

- Dec 08, 2018 -

Polyurea technology is one of the most advanced environmental protection comprehensive protection technologies in the world at present. It uses special equipment for on-site spraying construction to form multi-functional materials such as waterproof, anticorrosive, wear - resistant, impact-resistant and aging - resistant.It has the following advantages:

1. Fast cure, short down time, no sagging.

2. Excellent Physiochemical Properties.

3. Bondable and paintable to various kinds of substrates. 

4. Ambient insensitive, good thermal stability.

5. 100% Solids, No VOC’s, Odorless, No Toxic Vapors.

6. Good resistance to a wide range of chemical attack.

7. Excellent Skidding Resistant, Anti-corrosion and Waterproof Properties.

8. Good weather ability, Added color stability.

9. Seamless, flexible, slick and non-porous.

10. No chalking and fading in long-term use outdoors.

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