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The Advantages Of Spraying Polyurea Materials

- Sep 01, 2017 -

The polyurea elastomer is a polymer having a ureido-based repeating structural unit formed by the reaction of an isocyanate with an amino polyether and an amino chain extender. In foreign countries, spraying polyurea material is known as the construction of liquid at room temperature waterproofing membrane. The material 100% solid content, curing speed, temperature / humidity is not sensitive, high physical strength. So since the birth in 1985, in the field of waterproof access to a huge commercial applications. At the end of the 20th century, China began to apply the product to all kinds of floor, building waterproof, subway station waterproofing and other projects.

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The advantages of spraying polyurea materials for waterproofing works

Spraying polyurea material is a new type of solvent-free, non-polluting non-polluting coating technology, which has been developed to meet the environmental protection requirements after the high-solid coating, water-based coating, radiation curable coating and powder coating. Green construction technology.

Sprayed polyurea material is called foreign liquid waterproofing membrane. Compared with the traditional waterproof material has the following advantages:

1,100% with the view, non-volatile organic matter, in line with environmental requirements;

2, without catalyst, fast curing, can be in the surface, slope and vertical surface spray molding, does not produce sagging phenomenon, for the bumps, corners, corners have a strong retention;

3, fast but controllable assimilation speed to ensure that the T-program can be quickly re-put into use:

4, the water vapor, moisture is not sensitive to the construction from the environmental humidity, temperature;

5, can be sprayed or cast, the thickness of a construction from hundreds of microns to several centimeters, to overcome the previous many times the construction of the inconvenience, shortening the construction period;

6, excellent physical properties, such as tensile strength, tear strength, elongation, wear resistance, puncture resistance, resistance to knock broken, anti-slippery and so on. High elongation to make it a strong crack bridging ability, the protection of concrete cracking is very good;

7, excellent anti-corrosion properties, can withstand most of the corrosive media, acid, alkali, salt, sea water, chloride ions such as long-term soaking;

8, the overall seamless, dense organization, tough, that can be used to meet the surface water, can also be used in the back water surface waterproof:

9, a variety of substrate adhesion high and lasting, not because of alternating hot and cold phenomenon.

Since polyurea has excellent elasticity, it is well suited for use as a protective material for substrates such as concrete. Because the concrete material is prone to brittle, and polyurea has a very good crack extensibility. Even in the case of concrete cracking, polyurea material not only will not break itself, but also the concrete material tightly "grasp", play a waterproof and protective effect.

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