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What Are The Advantages Of Reactive Spray Molding For Polyurea Spraying Equipment?

- May 04, 2018 -

1. high reaction activity, fast curing speed, vertical surface, top surface and any curved surface can be continuously sprayed without hanging. The polyurea elastomer does not need a catalyst. 5~10 seconds gel, 30 minutes walk strength, once construction thickness is unlimited, short construction period, high efficiency. Rigid polyurethane curing time is 30 seconds ~10 minutes.

2., it is not sensitive to temperature and humidity, and is less affected by ambient temperature and humidity during construction. When spraying polyurea elastomers, the floor material can be constructed at low temperatures of -40 C and high ambient humidity, and can even solidify on the surface of water and ice. The lowest temperature of polyurethane elastomer substrate is 3 degrees above dew point and low ambient humidity.

3. resistance to low temperature, high temperature stability. Polyurea elastomer coating can be used for a long time at -45 C ~120 C and can withstand short time thermal shock at 160 C. Polyurethane elastomer coating has poor resistance to low temperature and high temperature than polyurea. Rigid polyurethane is -40 C ~100 C.

4. weatherability and good aging resistance. Aliphatic polyurea is not susceptible to ultraviolet radiation and does not change yellow easily. Although the aromatic polyurea is yellowing, it has no pulverization and cracking. It can be used for a long time. Resistance to cold and heat shock and the alternating impact of wind and rain and frost.

5.100% solid content, no organic matter volatilization, non-toxic, no pollution of the green spraying technology.

6. elastomer and rigid body coating have excellent physical properties, such as tensile strength, tear strength, impact strength, adhesive force, resistance to cathodic stripping, insulation strength, elongation, wear resistance, etc. Excellent low temperature toughness. Adjust the formula, hardness can be changed from soft rubber (Shao A30) to hard elastomer (Shao D75). Elastomer is a kind of polymer composite material between rubber and plastic. It has high strength of plastics and high elasticity of rubber.

7. strong adhesion to metals and non-metal substrates, such as steel, aluminum, reinforced concrete, wood, FRP, polyurethane foam, etc.

8. excellent decorative, anticorrosive, waterproof and anti skid functions. It can withstand most of the corrosive medium such as acid, alkali, salt, sea water and so on. It is an excellent heavy-duty anticorrosive material.


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