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What Is The Polyurea Waterproof Coating ?

- Jul 21, 2017 -

Polyurea waterproof coating is a kind of A, B two-component, solvent-free, fast curing green environmental waterproof material, according to the film formation reaction group is divided into high elastic spray (pure) polyurea waterproof coating (JNC) and high Sprayed polyurethane (urea) (commonly known as semi-polyurea) flexible waterproof coating (JNJ), according to the physical properties are divided into type Ⅰ and Ⅱ type. A, B components in a special spray equipment spray gun spray, rapid reaction curing to produce elastomer waterproof film.

Polyurea coating is a mixture of terminal amino resin and terminal amino chain extender and does not contain Any hydroxyl component and catalyst, but allows a small amount of pigment and dispersing additives. High-elastic spray polyurethane (urea) (commonly known as semi-polyurea) Elastic waterproof coating A component is a semi-prepolymer prepared by reacting a terminal hydroxyl compound with an isocyanate; B component is a terminal hydroxyl resin or a terminal amino resin and an end amino group Chain, and the B component may contain a catalyst for improving the reactivity, allowing a small amount of a pigment and a dispersing agent to be contained.


Waterproof coating is required to use special professional construction machinery spray molding, its excellent physical and chemical performance indicators, convenient construction technology, waterproof and anti-corrosion system integrity, and environmental protection is any other traditional protective materials and technology can not match, Widely used in urban subway, high-speed railway, tunnel bridge, water and electricity, marine chemical, military and civilian projects of the water, corrosion, wear "two anti-resistance" project.


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