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Polyurea For Truck Bed Liners

Polyurea For Truck Bed Liners

Introduction AN-3368 Polyurea wear resistance coating for truck is the third generation of polyurea elastomer,which are semi - prepolymer, end - amino polyether, amine chain extender and other raw materials on - site spray molding. This technology organically combines new materials, new...

Product Details

Polyurea for Truck Bed Liners


Truck Bedliner use Polyurea wear resistance coating is the third generation of polyurea elastomer,which are semi - prepolymer, end - amino polyether, amine chain extender and other raw materials on - site spray molding.

This technology organically combines new materials, new equipment and new technology, which is a revolutionary leap of traditional construction technology and one of the most advanced construction technologies in the world.



1.100% Solids,no VOC,Solvent-free environmental protection products;

2.High wear resistance;

3.No joints,the surface is even”hemp surface” structure,beautiful and generous;

4.Excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance;

5.Fast reaction speed, high production efficiency, can be quickly put into use;

6.Not sensitive to moisture and temperature, good thermal stability;

7.Good physical performance, good adhesion.

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AN-3368 Polyurea wear resistance coating for truck is specially designed for trucks, which can be widely used in light pickups, military trucks, container trucks and loading and unloading trucks,good wear resistance,antiseptic and decorative.

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 Product Characteristic &Physical Properties

Solid Content


Gelation Time (s)


Tensile Strength (MPa)


Elongation (%)


Tearing Strength (N/MM)


Hardness(Shore  A)


Adhesion ( MPa)


Wear resistance(mg)


Shock resistance(kg.m)


Electric strength(Mv/)


Density (g/cm3)




Oil resistance(30d)

No corrosion,no bubbles,no peeling

Liquid resistant

No corrosion,no bubbles,no peeling

Salt resistance,2000h

No corrosion,no bubbles,no peeling

Low temperature flexibility

No crack

Artificial weathering aging


The above parameters were all tested using a GUSMER H20/35 Main & GX-7-400 spray gun under laboratory conditions and cured at 23±2 relative humidity of 50%±5% for 7 days.


Drying time(25℃): The surface will dry within 15seconds,and reach the service intensity within 10 minutes.

Thickness: 1~2mm(It depends on the user)

Overcoating interval: Min:any time,max:3hours

Substrate processing

It is well matched with the current general motors electrophoretic primer. If the substrate surface is clean and free from oil, dirt and other impurities, it can be sprayed directly on the surface.

Coating application method

High temperature and high pressure impact mixing equipment must be used in construction. Any loss caused by the use of equipment which has not been verified by us shall be borne by yourself.


Component A:220kg/bucket,component B:200kg/bucket or OEM.


Storage and Transport

This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry warehouse,no rain,sun,isolated from fire,away from heat,the storage temperature should be 15 ~ 40 ℃.

Don't open this product in the original packaging, storage period from the date of production for 6 months, more than storage period according to the provisions of this product standards of project inspection, still can be used it if meet technical requirements.

This product does not contain organic solvent and can be transported as non-dangerous goods. When transporting, rain and sunshine should be strictly prohibited, and should accord with the relevant regulations of transport department.


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