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Spraying Polyurea For Sewage Pool

Spraying Polyurea For Sewage Pool

The coating is highly reactive and fast curable and can be spray molded on any curved surface of the bevel and vertical surfaces without sagging or falling problems. The film is not sensitive to humidity and humidity, is tough and compact, flexible, and has high metal adhesion. It has excellent abrasion resistance, slip resistance and slip resistance. They have high chemical resistance, moisture resistance, salt water resistance and excellent aging resistance, and are stable under different conditions such as salt, alkali and salt spray.

Product Details

Spraying Polyurea for Sewage Pool


The sewage pool use polyurea coating consists of amine-terminated polyether resin,  amine chain extender and MDI prepolymer, functional filler is added, and the product belongs to spraying, self-cured and thick coated polyurea. It is used together with ground coat paint and facing coating to form a firm, tough and decorative ground protection system.



Adhesive strength

(concrete base)


(or substrate broken)

Adhesive strength

(steel base)

Tearing strength
79kN/mTensile strength17.6Mpa
Volume solid content100%VOC0
Dry time
5-20sOvercoating intervalmin:1h max:24h
Overcoating method special polyurea equipment spray(imported or local support)Flash point200℃



1. High solid content,low VOC content,environmentally friendly and non-polluting

2. High strength and high wear resistance

3. Excellent weatherability and chemical resistance

4.Faster curing speed and quick start to use

5. Not sensitive to temperature changes,good thermal stability


Sewage Pool,Swimming pool,Pipeline,Underground ground,Industrial workshop floor,Car park,Loudspeaker box,Railway stations,Roof waterproofing protective,etc.

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Part A: 220kilogram per drums.

Part B: 200 kilogram per drums. (Custom package available at additional charge)

One set:420 kilogram totally

Storage and transport

This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry warehouse, it should not be rained,sun-proof, isolated fromfire, awayfrom heat, storage temperature should be 15-40℃

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To apply this product must be accordance with the relevant national regulation of sanitation, safety and environment production.Do not even contact the surface of wet coating.

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