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High Molecular Weight and Low Ionic Degree Textile Industry Auxiliary Polyacrylamide Flocculant Especially for Textile Sizing

We supply High molecular weight and low ionic degree Textile Industry auxiliary polyacrylamide flocculant especially for Textile sizing Now we have 3 production lines ,and monthly output is 300 tons.

Product Details

High molecular weight and low ionic degree Textile Industry auxiliary polyacrylamide flocculant especially for Textile sizing

1.Product introduction of the high molecular weight wastewater treatment polyacrylamide

Nonionic polyacrylamide is homopolymer formed of acrylamide ,with high purity ,good solubility ,high molecular weight.This series of products are with high molecular weight polymer polymer and liner polymer low ion degree ,because of its special groups,and endow it with flocculation and disperion,thickening and bonding,film,gel,stable colloidal.

2.First use of the textile auxiliaries —— Textile industry:

Add some other chemicals may be formulated into a chemical slurry,for textile sizing.


3.Second use of the low ionic degree wastewater treatment polyacrylamide——Sand control and sand-fixation:

At a certain concentration bu adding cross-linking agent,spraying inn the desert ,the solidified films can control and fixing arid areas,can be used as agent of soil moisture,can also be used in the construction industry ,construction glue ,interior wall paint and so on. 

4.Product parameter of the Acid wastewater flocculant special for Textile sizing


Solid content


Degree of ion

Dissolving time

White powder




≤60 min

5.Package: 25KG kraft paper bags,or based on the clients’demands.


It is toxic chemicals, uneatable and untouchable, if contact,washing it with large amount of water.For operator or transporter, do not eat anything(including cigarettes and tea) before you wash your hands.It is hazardous chemicals.Please do comply the national regulations about hazardous chemical storage and transportation.

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